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it's true...

YIP2010 - 015

I really do love you this much!

Sometimes there are times when you feel like you need to let a few things go. Blogging and internet types of things seem likely candidates, but I love it so much, that they really are the things that I need. I might go crazy without this! But I'll be brief...

The shop is now officially updated with the new Hearts Day items! You'll find the Hearts Day embroidery pattern, the Hearts Day embroidered frames pattern/tutorial, and printable Journaling Cards. That's one of them up in the picture...they make fun little valentines, but they are great frames for digital scrapbooking too!

Gotta run for now! Hugs to you all, and thanks for being such a fun part of my life...a part that I just love so much!


  1. oh i love that, i sing it w/ my son all the time b/c his grandma used to sing it :-)

  2. Oh that's so nice of you! All your readers love you too!


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