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keepin' me busy...


I feel like I've been very absent from this blog. I guess I haven't really been, since my last post was just two days ago, but my mind and my days have been occupied with other things.

...like Rock Band. (I think that I CAN sing, but just not in this game. I think.)

...like plans for 2010. (This will deserve its own post.)

...like lots of cooking. (A family of 8 eats a lot.)

...like being oh so tired. (The cooking and doing dishes takes a lot out of me!)

...like avoiding real work. (Thankfully, I haven't had a lot of work emails, because I don't want to reply.)

...like coming up with new ideas. (These get me excited, because they are the work I can't get enough of!)

...like not crafting. (All of that elf work makes me feel that I need a small crafty break.)

What are you up to during this week between holidays?


  1. Working on stuff for Valentine's day and building my stock for my shop. I have itchy fingers for more of your patterns.

  2. I'm creating my 2010 planner! Last year, I got a blank book and just designed each week along the way. I used a lot of stickers and stamps last year, so my goal this year is to try collage and more drawings (*gulp!*).

    ... I'm also considering starting a public blog. I keep going back and forth on that one!


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