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the gifts are wrapped...

gifts wrapped up...

Last year's super simple wrapping was lots of fun, and I wanted to do that again. But given the amount of time that I spent at the sewing machine already (and that it continues to hate me!), a variation was needed. Instead of sewing my brown paper into little packets, I used masking tape around three edges (the fourth side is folded).

For the "tags" I used some of my colored masking tape. It was perfect (and easy)! Speaking of colored masking tape, have you been to the Happy Tape blog? There are lots of fun ideas for using their tape. It makes me think that I need to order a bunch of colors.


And the other night I mentioned that I stayed up making a little hair accessory. This is it. A mistletoe hairpin. I love it...

You can make one too. Head to Matsutake.

Tomorrow is a birthday around here, so more baking is in order...and then, whoa...Christmas is so close!


  1. it's really cute.. thanks for the links too.

  2. happy birthday too : )
    and thank you for such a beautiful blog ... i really enjoy visiting here.

  3. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Love the hairpin! Merry Christmas to you and yours from Our Home to Yours xox

  4. Ooooh! Well done! It looks gorgeous! May it bring you many holiday kisses!



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