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a few of my favorite (embroidery supply) etsy things...

I'm forever trying to keep my thread organized, but I think I'm losing the battle. Not too long ago I got a bunch of floss wound onto bobbins and in a box, but as I use them, I a) dont' remember to refill them, and b) leave them laying around. Oh dear. Keep your embroidery floss organized in style with these lovely floss winders/bobbins I've found on Etsy:

Sure this is meant for bits of yarn, but wouldn't it be so cute with embroidery floss? And it's made of bamboo!

Kraft paper is a favorite of mine, so these really appeal to me.

Flossy the pony. Too cute! (And a wee bit posh...these babies cost $12 EACH!)

These are printable! Love the elegance of Art Nouveau!

Those last ones make me think that I could design some with Crafty Characters on them. What do you think? Would we all like printable floss winders/bobbins?


  1. How cute! Much better than stuffed in baggies all over the place...

  2. I know I would! Mine are just boring plastic ones. Crafty Charaters would be much cuter.

  3. I'd love to see what you would come up with for floss bobbins, might even inspire me to organize my floss. ;)

  4. Great idea! I hope you do decide to make some. Your characters are so cheery.

  5. Thanks so much for mentioning my sheep! I have been using them with my crewel projects, so I can confirm that they work well with threads finer than yarn.


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