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Yay! Thanks to all who played along with my gray day giveaway! I put 1-16 into the Random Integer Generator, and here's what it came up with:

So that means that Nanna (comment #1) wins the collage sheet, and Kimberly (comment #12) wins the embroidery pattern! Ladies, please send me an email (you'll find the link in the sidebar) so that I can send you your prizes! Congrats!

Speaking of winners, check out these earrings that I recently purchased:

The biggest earrings eva...

I ordered them online, and apparently didn't pay attention to the size. I was expecting them to be a bit larger than a quarter. Instead they are nearly 2.5" wide. Yikes! But it worked because I like them...and never would have purchased them had I known. They're winners! (even though they are way heavy!)


  1. I am Nanna and I am one of the winners! Yipee! I cannot seem to get the email on your sidebar to work.
    My email address is marilyn.miller@gmail.com . I will try again to send you an email.
    Thank you!

  2. yay! thanks mollie! i am so excited to win! i never win anything! you are so sweet to do a great giveaway! my email address is coffeeowl@mac.com. thanks, again!


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