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old is new again...

a little journal...

Today I made this little recycled journal. It was based on another RVA class project, but I've used printed papers inside. And the cover, the cover I tell you, is pages from an old Childcraft World Book. Why is this a big deal? Because. Cutting up a book, especially an expensive one like this, is not something I do.

OK, technically, this was not expensive. It was 59 cents at Goodwill. And I have my entire set of Childcrafts from when I was little. But still, at one time this was an expensive book, and at any rate, it's a book! You don't destroy books like this!

But I did today. At least a little, and it feels a little like a breakthrough. Like admitting something strange. And although I don't see myself going around wrecking books, I like that I might be able to find new ways to use old things. And not feel guilty.

a little journal...

Also on the topic of old becoming new, it seems that I've been inundated with the idea of steampunk lately. So I'm going with it, and have started working on some new illustrations along this idea. Sort of victorian, Jules Verne-ish stuff. You can see a glimpse of them below. I'm loving this thought and the others that it is bringing!

new illustrations


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