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Save it?

Growing up, my mom taught me to save things until when you really want to use them. This sounds good in theory. You know, don't be wasteful. Unfortunately, here is the result:

I'm 24 and I don't know how to use stickers.

Okay, stop laughing. I know that you peel them off and stick them on. But that's really only part of using stickers. My problem is that I don't know what to stick them on, when to stick them, etc. It's like I'm afraid to use them, because what if I want them for something else later.

It's a sickness.


  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    I have a stack of Basic Grey paper about 2 inches thick that I can't bring myself to actually use because it is too pretty.

    So from time to time, I get it out and sort it a different way and put it back.

    I totally get it.

  2. i have stacks and stacks of stickers that i've never used either... i can't bring myself to put a sticker on something unless i KNOW that it's going to be the perfect place for it forever... and how do we ever REALLY know that???

    it IS a sickness, and i have it, too. =]


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