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i can't miss it...

Today I'm suddenly feeling like autumn is disappearing without my entirely enjoying it. I know that really, there is still most of October and all of November to enjoy the season, but it's going fast.

Things that I must do while it is still fall:

Drink apple cider.
Make pumpkin and leaf cookies.
Craft some decorations. (My brothers and sisters are ahead of me on this!)
Wear favorites fall clothes.

And of course, perhaps all of this would be easier if I would stop thinking so much about Christmas things. What's up with that?

Enjoy autumn, dear friends!


  1. i'm in full fall mode. Except that here in GA in was humid and in the high 70s. I wish the cool breezy temps. would come out so I can wear my sweaters and frolic in the autumn leaves!

  2. Hubby wanted to see if the grocery store had egg nog last night. I told him he can't rush through fall!!


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