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more adventures in fabric printing...

yucky printing

So, yesterday I showed you a success in trying something new. And today, a failure. Sort of.

Have you ever tried inkjet printing directly onto fabric? It works. And it's not too difficult. In Amy Karol's new "Bend the Rules with Fabric", she shows how to do this, and it's not new. I have done this successfully before. You just iron some fabric onto freezer paper (to stabilize it...it comes off afterward) and then print on the fabric. You can also chemically treat the fabric first to make it colorfast. One time we even printed on interfacing (it didn't need stabilizer), and then used the prints to stick onto a felt board.

less yucky printing

But the inkjet printer we have these days gets a little funny. It pulls things through differently, sometimes a little crooked or scrunched, with black streaks. It did this to my fabric. I guess I'm not too surprised. The rest of the printing looks ok...just not the extra marks. I'll probably try this again, as the muslin is cheap, but it is a bit disheartening.

In happier fabric printing news, the above pattern is a Halloween Jordnöt fabric that I entered into the latest Spoonflower contest. I'm getting ready to order some fabric, but I may not order all of the designs that I've uploaded there. If you really, really would like to see a particular fabric design in my shop, let me know. It will give me a better idea of what to have printed this time around.

In the meantime, please vote for Halloween Jordnöts here.


  1. I just found your lovely blog. hello.

  2. I really need--okay, want, not need, some of the harvesters. It would be so great. I love them all though.

    Interesting idea about the printer. I've never tried that. Thinking....

  3. The Halloween Jordnots are wonderful! I had to go vote for them :)

  4. Had to vote for the super cool jordnots of yours. Cool site! Thanks


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