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a few of my favorite (paint by number) etsy things...

It's been a while since I shared some of the things that I'm loving on Etsy. I've recently taken a liking to paint by number. It happened after a visit to a museum, where I saw a house sculpture by Don Baum, made entirely out of old paint by number paintings. There aren't too many things like this out there right now, but here are some that I'm loving:

This artwork reminds me the most of the houses from Don Baum. The cut up paintings give the original "art" a whole new look.

A bag from Erin Michael's Lush fabric is a nice way to wear one's love of paint by number.

And here's a sort of combination of the two ideas above, in the form of a wall quilt.

With this towel you can have a WIP paint by number. If I got this, I would have a hard time deciding if I should leave it as is, or embellish with embroidery...

This is just one in a series of prints with paintings as the backdrop. So clever!

Almost as clever as a series of photos with over-sized paint by number paintings in the background. This one is my absolute favorite!


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