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on my desk and in my head...


There are bits of projects all over my desk. Some are from completed projects, some are for current things, and some will be used soon. I love this.


I think that having the crafty mess around inspires me to keep working on things. And speaking of messes that inspire me, this lady continues to keep me always working on new things. I think that a big part of it is that she is always working on new things. And living the dream of being a maker. A creator. An artist. In small amounts, I'm doing that too, but perhaps someday, it will be more.


And on the Elsie topic, I'm taking Elsie and Rachel's fall online class. It should be a good time, filled with lots of inspiration to make Christmas gifts and such. The one thing that I worry about is that sometimes things like this get me thinking like others, and not like Mollie. As much as I admire others and what they are doing (there are so many talented people out there!), I don't want to be them. I want to be Mollie. I want to think like Mollie. I want to create what Mollie creates.


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  1. And I LOVE that Mollie style. I think you're very unique, talented and inspirational! THANK YOU. I just can't say it enough.


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