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things to do with embroidery...part six...

wearing it...
So here we are with another way to wear your embroidery. This embroidered headband is rather playful, and I like that. Also, the embroidery is removable, so I can switch out different decorations and only use one headband (even though they aren't expensive...I like this idea). Again, this is a nice one for small-ish pieces, but if you're up for it, bigger will work. You might end up with something like this.

I started with that little On the Go Coffee embroidery that I stitched up the other day. It's from my Take Me Out pattern set.

Because I stitched this on canvas, and it frays reeeeaaaally easily, I sealed the edges with Aleene's Stop Fraying and let it dry. Then I took my ready to go embroidery with me to Starbucks.
stitched and edges sealed...
I trimmed a piece of cotton fabric to roughly the size I would want for backing, but didn't seal the edges of this. A little fray here would be ok with me.
buttons added to backside of fabric...
This next part is what makes it removable from the headband, so if you're permanently attaching it, skip this step. Stitch two buttons to the back side of the cotton fabric. Space them apart a little. After you've secured your second button, be sure to leave a long tail. Knot the end of the tail.
embroidery stitched to fabric...
Next, I stitched my embroidery to the backing fabric. I just used a running stitch with two strands of floss. Then I trimmed the backing fabric to be just a bit larger than my canvas piece.
tied to headband...
Now I was all ready to attach the decoration to the headband (just a stretchy elastic headband...you get 5 or 6 for a couple bucks), and it took a couple tries to find the best way. Essentially, I used a method similar to those large inter-office mail envelopes. You know the kind with the two circles and the string? I just made sure that when I was going around the buttons, I also looped the floss around the headband too. If you skipped the buttons, this would be the part where you just stitch the whole thing securely onto the headband.

You're all set to wear it now! Other than the original embroidery and sealing the edges, I did all of this while sitting at Starbucks. When I was done, I popped it onto my head. There were a few odd glances, but I've become used to that. Hee!

Now, what's your favorite kind of coffee or warm beverage?


  1. Just regular brewed coffee with a little milk or cream. Mmmm..

  2. How do you keep coming up with all these marvelous things to do with embroidery? I am in awe. :)

    My favorite coffee drink may be a bit on the fussy side: I like a non-fat, sugar free caramel vanilla latte from my local coffee stand. It's soooo yummy! :)

  3. a quad espresso in a tall cup with an inch of steamed soy. even better if they start making it before i ask...

  4. My favorite coffee is either the warming Pumpkin Spice Latte from just about anywhere in the fall (ah now I can't wait for it to start getting chilly again) and I enjoy the Raspberry Mocha Frappachino in the summers.

    I can't wait to see what's in the new set- Does this mean you'll also be releasing it for purchase on Saturday?

  5. Something full fat, with lots of whipped cream and chocolate! I love the faces on your designs.

  6. Ooooo! I love Vanilla Bean Frappucinos from Starbucks! fave!

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing the patterns in this set, but call me odd, I'm not a coffee or tea drinker.

  8. I only drink herbal tea but I think the raspberry zinger with a little honey is do yummy.

  9. Mollie, don't enter me in the drawing since I just won that so cute painting. However, I could not resist saying this is a terrific idea that is perfect for little girls too.

  10. Oh Mollie...you know I can't resist giveaways of your embroidery patterns! ;)

    Anyway, I like chai tea (the few times I've had it).. and smoothies, milkshakes, fruit juice, apple cider, hot chocolate, diet soda, milk, chocolate milk, water... but coffee is just not one of my things. tis yucky tasting and smelling to me.

  11. First choice is diet coke, but I do love me some coffee. During the summer I get a coffee frappachino light. Yum!

  12. I really like iced milk tea with boba! That's probably my favorite, although I am trying desperately to give them up (too much sugar!) :)

    Second favorite would jasmine tea. Oh and as for coffee, anything with a lot of real cream and sugar makes me happy!

    Cute head band, by the way!

  13. Juliane9:22 AM

    I like really hot coffee with milk and sugar. That's all. Nothing special.


  14. I want to make a whole bunch of these, as I am currently growing my hair out and just purchased a bunch of these bands! It's a great idea and I love how you attached them to the band...why didn't I think of that?

    I like decaf dark roast with a sweet 'n low, half 'n half, and a splash of kalhua!

  15. I like Red Bush tea most as it tastes just like normal water and it's anti-oxidant plus it's not as bitter as some other tea.

  16. My favorate Starbucks drink is a caramel machiatto. Now that I am pregnant, I am trying to cut back on caffeine and sweets, so I usually order a short, nonfat, decaf, caramel machiatto. But it tatstes just as good to me for a little treat!

  17. wow! this is so adorable! i am personally a starbucks barista, so i would kind of love to wear this to work! hopefully others would appreciate it as well! and such a clever idea with the headband.

    and may i recommend a double shot on ice for the coffee lovers out there?