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new old treasure...

My mom came home with a chest of treasure for me the other day! (well, a chest plus a few boxes actually...)

A Treasure Chest!

This old small cedar chest was at my grandma's house. When I saw it, I remembered it immediately, but wasn't sure what I would find inside. It had probably been almost 20 years since I had looked at it, and in fact, I was probably the last person to do so. In addition to the items shown, there were also a bunch of stickers inside. Those don't make as much sense, except for the fact that they are all unused (see an old post about this here). But the other items show how long this crafty love has been in my system.

Sampler Cards

My favorite group of items in the stash are the Sampler Cards. These are thick paper cards, pre-printed for you to stitch on. They are from 1949 and designed by Anne Orr. A few of them are started (and i'm not sure if they were by me or someone else), but a bunch are still waiting to be stitched. The ones that are started have been done with embroidery floss, but I think that I would get something a bit thicker.

Sampler Cards

Sampler Cards

I'm planning on making these western themed patterns for my brother PJ. His room is cowboys, etc., and I think they would be fun all framed for him. Perhaps I've already found his Christmas gift...

Sampler Cards

In addition to the floss in the chest, I also two more (small-ish) boxes of vintage embroidery thread. Honestly, I'll never have to buy floss again. (and yet, I was looking at more tonight...crazy!)


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