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plans and ideas...


Whew! It has been a full day of fun with a brother and a sister. I started with coffee with Anna (I got a "crunchberry" frappucino) and ended with a baseball game (where I almost died! ok, not really, but a ball did come VERY close and hit a guy right by me) with Anders (the photos are a couple that I took at the game). In between I did a little bit of work. (those are a lot of parentheses!)


I've suddenly found myself in the middle of one of those times where I have more ideas for things to do than time to do them. And although there are always ideas, it isn't always the case that there are so many that I REALLY want to do.

Right now a lot of the projects that I have in mind involve spending some serious hours at the computer working on new illustrations. Summer is upon us and I have some new doodles in my sketch book that are eager to come to life: BBQ/picnic themed, camping, carnival (maybe), plus office supplies, some very special hats, and more. They are destined to become journaling collage sheets, embroidery patterns, printables and ???.

The downside to this is that after working on my other graphic design work, it isn't always my favorite thing to do the computer illustration part of these projects. It sort of amazes me that there are even times when I would rather just draw. (I used to say that I create best on the computer!

But to get myself motivated to really push through these, I've decided that I will do an update to the shop at the beginning of next week. That way I'll have some time to get a few more things finished, but also a bit of a deadline.

Whew! I think I've been quite long-winded tonight. All of this is to say that new items (in addition to the paintings) will be added to the shop soon. Best I go and do a little work before sleeping.


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