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now i know...

Capricious Campfire

Well, there's nothing like announcing that you'll have a shop update to light a fire under oneself! The shop is all updated with new items, and thank you to those who have already been shopping!

Typically, I list only a couple new items at a time. Sometimes only one. And now I know why. That is pretty manageable, as I'm listing them as I make them. This time, I had nine new items and that was a lot. (Those of you who do mega-updates...stop laughing at me!) There were so many pictures to take, descriptions to write and of course, the making of things!

The good part about all of this is that deciding to do a real "update", I forced myself to go to it. The bad part is that shortly after announcing the update, all kinds of other stuff fell in my lap. Ah well.




Like all of the illustration doodles I create, I end up falling in love with them. They have their own personalities and these are no different. The Helpful Corn-on-the-Cob Holder is one of my favorites. My 15-year-old brother said that he had never seen these before! (We're the kind of family that actually touches the corn!) I was quite surprised by his lack of corn handle knowledge, and will be getting him his own set soon. But I'll be adding a face...because, you know...things are better with faces!

Instant Photo Tiny Painting

One last thing...thank you so much for all of your wonderful painting ideas! Keep 'em coming! All of the inspiration is working, and I can't wait to get started on my next batch. So excited to see who wins the giveaway!


  1. So so darling - YES everything is better with faces, even campfires! Or especially campfires.

  2. The new items are WAY too cute!

    I've already journaled with the campfire collage sheet and love them! :)

    I can't wait to see what other paintings you decide to do!

    cbpoole on Etsy

  3. I absolutely adore the BBQ set. And just in time for Father's Day. Perfect!!!!!

  4. oh I went and ordered the bbq and campfire sets as soon as I saw them on flickr. Thanks for getting them to me so quickly! I started working on a towel last night I am going to post some WIP shots soon


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