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memorial day giveaway...

Paper Airplane tiny painting

Happy Memorial Day! Or as my 4-year-old sister said this morning, "mmmm....Oreo Day!" We're on our way to a parade in our small downtown, but before I head out, how about...


This Wednesday, my tiny paintings and a few other new things will be added to the shop throughout the day. But you can WIN one of these paintings!

Sometimes I feel as though I draw, paint, stitch paper airplanes and only that. Not so, but I do love them. In fact, this first batch of paintings is all things that I love and would love to have around as tiny art pieces. But maybe you have another idea...

All you have to do is leave a comment listing an idea for what you would like to see on one of these tiny paintings. (You can leave more than one idea in your comment, but please only one comment per person.) Also, please be sure to leave a way that I can contact you if you win. One winner will be chosen at random on Saturday, so you have until Friday at midnight CST to leave your comment.

You'll win a secret surprise painting, not shown above. I'm so excited!

UPDATE: We have a winner! (If I knew how to close comments, I would, but this will have to do...)


  1. Uh! Nice!
    What I'd like to see?
    A sewing machine/typing machine/polaroid machine...
    A bird, a butterfly, a fish, a bunny, a deer, other types of bugs or animals...
    Glasses (used to see, not to drink), socks, ties...
    A moustache!

    Happy memorial day to you too, from a country where we don't celebrate it XD


  2. Sushi with little smiles. I don't like sushi, but it always looks cute. :)

  3. I would LOVE to see a little hedgehog!

  4. I would love a little rainbow, or dinosaur :-) but the airplane is darn cute

  5. I'm obsessed with lemons and oranges right now so I'd love to see a happy lemon and a sassy orange.

    Love the painting! I've got to check out the new stuff in your shop.


  6. What about trees? I'm all into forests these days. Although bunny, hedgehog, lemons, oranges are all good ideas from previous comments.

    PS I love your latest MDC workshop. Easy and fun :)

    *crosses fingers that I win*

    And I love your paper airplanes! You should make a whole family of them, different sizes and shapes and such

  7. You've made me very curious with the secret surprise painting bit! Mmmm maybe a 'travel' theme would be nice for new paintings. Suitcases, Eiffeltowers, tulips. And fairy tales are always nice :)

  8. I love the little painting! Such cuteness. :)

    Here are some things I've thought of, based on things I love:

    *A basket of berries (or just berries/one berry)
    *A geranium, petunia, or morning glory (or any flower, but those are my fave. :))
    *Anything tea or coffee related
    *Anything stitchy
    *Pears (I am so in love with pears right now, lol!)


  9. An umbrella would be cute with a little raindrop border!

  10. I would love to see hedgehogs, little birdies and fruit. That is just me though:)

  11. I like the idea of fruit paintings too because they would look great in the kitchen specifically lemons and limes.

    I also love your alphabets, so maybe the letters? Those would be great in a nursery or kid's room!

    P.S. I love the photoshoot pictures in the previous post. Very clever shoe on tire pic. He is creative!

  12. Oh yay, I have so many ideas.

    I like anything nautical: fish, whales, anchor, sailboats

    The tom boy in me screams, robots, rocket ships, space ships, little monsters, dinosaurs

    I'm a lover of sweets so ice cream cones, cupcakes, candy or maybe tea cups

    And since everyone is loving going green how about some hippieness: peace sign, trees, feathers, little volkswagon vans, rainbows

    And my personal favorite: music notes

    my email: jc1853@hotmail.com

  13. I vote for hedgies seeing as I'm holding one now. Yeah,I'm a wee bit biased lol Oh! Trees, fruit (pears and limes), robots, dinosaurs (rawr), beer/soda bottles, band-aids, drums, pandas, and moustaches FTW :D

  14. Some beach themed things would be awesome! My parents have a beach home, and I'd love to give them something for decorations!

    Also, you know I'd be bowling themed things, or poker themed! It'd go great in our pro shop, or our home! :)

    I'm so excited to see your new items, you know I love your store, it's definitely one of my faves!!

  15. Anonymous1:10 AM

    i love all your embroidery creations. such inspiration! i would love to see dachshunds or mushrooms or anything inanimate with a face drawn on.


  16. Your things are so sweet.

    I'd love to see a happy tea pot and a little tea bag.

    Great job!


  17. Something Girly, and princessy is my vote! I love your stuff!

  18. A mustache or coffee cups..with a straw like starbucks :)

  19. Hello Mollie !
    Sorry I've been so busy these last days that I totally missed this post of yours ... thankfully I've noticed it & here I am, trying to join the fun & enter my name for your fab giveaway (thanks so much, btw !!) & leave my little suggestions.
    As summer's around the corner, I'd suggest these : a seahorse, seashells, a glass of lemonade (with slice of lemon, of course !), an ice cube, a icecream (any kind), a shining sun ... oh well, I probably suggested too many now ! LOL
    I hope you're doing fine, my friend ! oxoxox

  20. Summer or not, I'd love to see a cute four-poster bed with a fluffy pillow and a cozy quilt. Wonderful giveaway.

  21. toast? a beet? celeriac? headphones? I don't know...those were the first to come to mind. great stuff by the way!

  22. I love the hedgehog idea, but I'm more of a bunny person. :) Actually, I have a few ideas which are totally unrelated: ipod (maybe you've already done one?), club chair, piano, or maybe something craft/art related.

    So cute!

  23. hmm maybe a robot or gnome or a house??

  24. I'd love to see a giraffe!! That would be awesome!!


  25. I absolutely love your paper airplane! I love the previous suggestions of a hedgehog and mustache. I would also love to see crafty theme pictures like yarn ball with knitting needles, embroidery, painting (yeah a painting of someone painting!), etc. ALSO silouette (sp.) images of different dancers (breakdancing, ballroom, latin, etc).

    I love your work!!

  26. I always love little trees and birds. And mermaids. I have a little boy, so cars and bicycles ould be on my list too. Just visited your shop, and I can't decide on which 3 I want!


  27. OK. I went to give my little nugget a bath and came up with lots more ideas! Y ou could do baby stuff, like bottles, blankets, pacifiers, etc. Also, fast food Fries, burgers, shakes.

  28. We have a winner! Thanks!


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