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it'll last longer...

coffee & craft

One day while I was still in school, I was walking through the halls and I heard a girl say to a guy who was staring just a bit, "Take a picture, it'll last longer!" I kind of chuckled because it just didn't seem like the kind of thing a person actually says. Maybe you read it on a t-shirt, but to actually shout it out at a random guy? Interesting.

But pictures do last longer. For example, the latte above is long gone. And the embroidery has changed too. Last night I read on someone's Flickr page that they don't take enough pictures, and I feel that way too. I want more snapshots (even the bad ones) to remember the silly little things. Like sipping coffee on Thursdays with my sister while I stitch and we talk about life.

favorite stone steps

painted steps

So I took pictures while walking today. I started taking some where I set the camera down and just shot a picture. These two steps above were taken like that and I rather like the view. I'm going to do this more. And as a side note, those stone steps are favorites of mine. There's just something about them.

Also in the mix of taking these photos is that I started using the little point and shoot camera again. My sister is very generous in letting me use her Nikon D60, but I don't always want to impose, and this gives me a bit more freedom. The photos aren't the same, but with the magic of Photoshop actions, the difference isn't as great. For all of these photos I tried out Pioneer Woman's free action sets. They are great!

Enjoy the rest of your day! Maybe I'll get a few more pictures in today...you should too!


  1. That's why I often take many photos ... they'll make memories for moments we won't remember them. (if that makes any sense)
    Have a great weekend ahead, dear Mollie ! Happy stitching to you xoxoxo

  2. Hi there,

    I owe you two thank-you's. First for writing this post and reminding me I need to take more photos too. I tend to go through days without stopping to notice the little things that make it special. The older I get, the more I realize that life is lived in those little, tiny special moments each day. I don't want to miss those any more.

    And second, thank you for the link to Pioneer Woman's website. I've never had the pleasure of visiting it and just spent an hour grazing through. I have a feeling I'll be spending many more hours there.


  3. I feel like you do about taking more pictures. I enjoy the beautiful ones but I seem to need the not-so-beautiful ones too. I just need reminding.

    Late last year I decided to take pictures as often as I could (difficult being a stay-at-home-mom who does all the mom duties/wife duties and homeschools....I like my "duties" btw!). Each week I select one and am documenting my 2009 year in: 52 Weeks of Living. As I look back on the 17 weeks or so of photos, I am impressed with the memories and feelings I can recall. I'm not completely worried about the looks of the pictures, more the living of my life.

    I would encourage anyone to try it. They randomly appear in my flickr account. Next year I hope to do the same and blog about them. (I tend to progress slowly with new ideas...playing with them until I master the habit.)

    Love you blog and thanks again!


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