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it must be monday...

library bench monday (outtake?)

...because I'm standing on a bench. My brother and I took a walk to the post office and library today, so PJ snapped this picture after getting our books. I do like it, but it wasn't all that I hoped it would be (one shouldn't expect perfection when handing a kid a camera?), so this isn't what I submitted to the Bench Monday pool. Here's what I made my real one.


As promised last week, here's my desk after some tidying. And as promised, it is not perfect. But better. I can't imagine it ever getting, let alone staying, much cleaner than this. If I can see chunks of desk (instead of just bits), I'm happy.

paisley felt cuff

And just to do a little weekend recap, I stitched this bracelet up for Anna on Saturday night. We made felt cuffs in our children's ministry on Sunday, so I thought it would be fun if we both had them to wear. The little bird that is hiding in there is named Paisley, and it from a group of little birds that I drew up last year sometime. Anna mentioned wanting an owl on her cuff, but then this came to mind and since I was the one stitching...I got to pick!


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