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this is not pretty...

I'd like to warn you that this post is a little graphic. I'd like to prepare you for what I'm about to show you. Alas, there is no way to truly prepare you, so I'll just show you. My desk.


Now, I have never claimed to be a neat and tidy sort of person. Not even close. But this is a little crazy, even for me. The whole point of my having a desk like this was so that I could have a workspace. Pretty much the workspace right now is just where the laptop is. Ugh.

So...time to fix this. Actually, I've already started sorting and putting/throwing away a few things. But I have a feeling this will be an all week sort of thing. But I'm baring my soul, er, my desk so that you dear blog readers, can keep me accountable. Next Sunday, no matter the state of my desk/office/workspace, I will show pictures. I don't promise perfection (that just wouldn't be me!), but I do promise big improvement. Really.


  1. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Oh Dear! You need serious help!!hee hee

  2. I love it! :) Crafts happens. :)

  3. Oh yes, Mollie, I'd love to see how your desk will look like next week ! (no no, I'm not the curious type of person, no no ... LOL) Good luck ! I'm sure you'll find some kinds of treasure under the piles ! :D oxoxoxo big hugs

  4. Oh Mollie you are not alone! My desk is so messy right now, I can hardly see it!! The rest of my craft room is not much better either....

    Good luck with the tidying xo

  5. welcome to the club of messy desks!!! I am still unpacking things and my house looks like your desk! We will get there!!!
    You can see it from the positive side, your desk is a mess because you do a lot of stuff!!!


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