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foam and toilet paper...

the foam plate on blue

Were you intrigued by my description of printmaking with foam and toilet paper? I hope so. Here is the outcome!

A print of toilet paper using foam! This "plate" was cut from the kind of foam trays that meat or vegetables are packed on. Then I just drew my design into the foam using a dull pencil. Easy peasy.

The ink is white Speedball block printing ink, rolled on with a brayer (or as my sister said, "Why don't you just call it a roller?!? Then everyone will know what you're talking about!") I love how it looks on the blue, but on kraft the white is even better.

the foam plate on kraft

Unfortunately, I think there was some uneven parts to the foam, causing that area at the top of the roll of toilet paper to not print properly (on every print!). The two pics I'm showing are the ones that came out the best on each paper. The printing with foam will require more playing around, but it is simple, fast and cheap, so I will continue to play with it.

tiny coffee cup painting

Now, a quick look at one of the paintings that I've just made. Isn't he cute? This to-go coffee cup is one of three tiny originals that will be going in the shop very soon. I just need to get all of the photos taken and descriptions written.

Oh yes, and there will be a giveaway!

Last thing: a comment or two on comments. 1) I love them. Thank you to all who leave comments, because they are so encouraging, and it's nice to hear from those I don't know, but read anyway! 2) I still am figuring out the best way to respond, especially to those that need a real answer. When possible, I reply via email. Sometimes I leave a comment on the same post in response. 3) Please know that I read every one with a smile on my face! Thank you!!!


  1. I'm always a little amused by anyone saying "Thats how I roll" but coming from toilet roll that really made me chuckle! Just brilliant :)

    Great idea for reusing the foam trays as well x

  2. Your little painting of the coffee cup is adorable!

  3. I don't know how you come up with such awesome ideas. I love the tp guy.

  4. Jessica7:53 AM

    they are just adorable. you always make the most darling little characters.


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