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facing the sewing machine...

summer decor wip

I'm relatively comfortable stitching straight things on the sewing machine, which is good, because I have a lot of it ahead of me. Above is one of the in progress shots I've taken of my newest project. This is one of those, "what a great idea, I think I'll just do it" projects, and it was probably the last thing I should have been working on today. But...you know... Anyway, when it is all finished, I'll show more and tell all.

Also in the list of things to be straight stitched is a patchwork blanket that is to be given tomorrow. The squares are cut and that's all. This is actually my mom's thing, but I'm helping to get it done in a hurry.

I was talking with my mom today and she suggested that I practice sewing circles on paper without thread. It's how she learned in home ec, and she attributes her mad skillz (my words, not hers) to this method. I must find time to try this...and I'll keep you updated. I am sooo determined to be comfortable sewing!!! I must!!!

And remember, the giveaway goes through midnight CST tonight and a winner will be announced tomorrow!

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