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drumroll please...

So, I had intended to share some project progress today, but instead, I need you to do something. Look over there in the sidebar. If you're reading this on Google Reader or something similar, come on over to the real blog and look at the sidebar.

Are you here? Have you seen?

The Caregiver Kit is extra happy (you can tell because I never give my drawings teeth!), because with the help of my wonderful customers (and a few others that donated just to help out)...

We made it to 100%!!!!

After a little less than 3 months, we raised the $560 needed to purchase 20 World Vision Caregiver Kits. I can't even tell you how excited this makes me. This really felt like a lesson in faith. Sure I did my part, and contributed my items, spread the word, etc. But really, I was relying on God and others to make this happen. And you did.

So, thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful Monday because I get to call and order all of the supplies. Then comes the fun part when they arrive: putting the kits together. And along the way I'll be sure to document everything in pictures and share the process with you.

Hooray! God is going to do great things!


  1. That's wonderful!! :-)

  2. Wahoo!!!! That is so fantastic. What an awesome way to head into the new week.

  3. Woohoo Mollie, I'm so happy you reached your goal, how awesome !
    Wishing you a wonderful start of the week ! oxoxo

  4. Well done Mollie, that's fantastic!!

  5. Well done and way to go!


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