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getting started...

new workshop in progress

I have all these things started.

come again...

Or almost started.

soon-to-be self-portrait embroidery

Or nearly started.

backpack butterflies

Or at least mentally started.

Let's see...it's Tuesday night. How far will I get by the weekend?


  1. Goodness, Mollie, you have several awesome projects at the same time !! Can't wait to see them finished !! The photos are splendid too ! :) xoxo

  2. I love the little backstitches on the sewing machine pattern. I always do a split or stem stitch, but that looks so pretty and precise.

  3. What kind of material is that at the top? it doesn't look like cotton...I'm intrigued.

  4. Sonia: Thank you! I'll be excited to see them finished too!

    Wendy: I'm almost embarrassed. That backstitch is my goto stitch...I do love it though.

    Catherine: It is a cotton. I was a little worried about stitching through the print, but it is working pretty well.


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