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feeling not so good...

Some very dear friends of my family are going to be moving this year. The thought makes us so sad. Today my sister and I went to take pictures for them to sell some things on ebay as they clear things out in preparation for the move.

I have always admired how they choose to decorate their house. Warm colors everywhere. Lots of world influence. And oh so classy. While I was at their house today, I was especially struck by one wall with some oil paintings, and had to take a quick picture or two.

On a different note, I've had a killer headache all day. It caused me to say, "I feel horrifying." Not horrible, horrifying. Um, yeah.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Mollie, I'm so sorry for you about your headache & your friends who'll be moving. I know myself how it can feel, we moved 6th times in the last 9 years. And will move in June or July, back to our native region. It's tough for the one who leave & for those who stay too.
    They had an awesome house apparently, thanks for sharing these pics of their walls & paintings !!
    Have a nice & relaxing weekend ! xoxoxo


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