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my handmade holiday...

the tree

So here it is, the review of my handmade holiday. This really was the nicest Christmas I can remember for a long time. The family attributes this to keeping relaxed about things and not feeling like we had to try and do everything. The things we did do, we all enjoyed.

I made all of my gifts this year, and there were very few times that I started to feel stressed about it. Here are a few of my favorites:

felt necklace
(for my sister...made in Elsie's class)

aviator bunny
(for my dad...using Hillary Lang's pattern)

felt pop-tart guy

(both for my brother)

little people for max

little people for grace

nativity for mom

(these were the big favorites of everyone...for my brother, sister and mom...made in Elsie's class)

I had really good intentions of baking up all 12 kinds of cookies that I have in my Cookies for Santa pattern. I even had these custom cookie cutters made. But alas, it didn't happen.

custom cookie cutters

lemon knots

Lots of cookies were made, but I think these are one of my favorites. Lemon Knots. Mmmm.

And I got lots of lovely things...DVDs, books and more. But these pencils are what I really wanted. Am I crazy? Well, yes. But you see, I discovered that I really like the way this kind of pencil writes, and they have fantastic erasers on them too! So I asked "Santa" if I could have some in my sticking. Even just a few. Fortunately, Santa found some for me, and I got a whole bunch!

pencils from santa

I swear, these pencils (or actually, their Easter counterpart) are what made last year's resolution possible for me. Speaking of crazy, you should have seen the look on my friend's face when I told him that this was one of my resolutions. I'm sure he had his suspicions before, but now knows for certain that I've got issues.


  1. I love everything you made but the Pop Tart guy is my favorite. I grew up eating them. My sister recently showed me a picture of the back of her Pop Tart box and told me she wanted me to embroider it (she far more faith in my talents than I do). I wanted to tell you that I did not make a garland with your ornament gift tags but I did use a bunch of them on presents this year. Thank you so much for all of your freebies, Mollie! I'm using your Optimistic Ornament as my screen saver now and will be a little sad when I take him down. Have a Happy New Year!

  2. Everything looks amazing! I wish you had time to use your custom made gingy! Too cute!

  3. What a beautiful tree!

  4. WOW!! so inspiring that you made and gave all those gifts..That is awesome. I love the little roundy people..that look like clay maybe? very sweet!

  5. I loved what you did, I was a wayward before this reading post... now I'm a lovely guy who loves the Pop Tarts. I think you're doing an important blog, specially if we can share the secrets together. I mean, all is about friendship and I hope you can understand my point.


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