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turn the calendar to 2008...

Happy New Year! Start things right with a calendar desktop wallpaper for your computer. A Simple Snowman will keep you company all month. And don't forget to print out the calendar from yesterday!

Time for resolutions. I've broken my goals for the new year into three categories. First, things that sound good, but just won't happen: Paper Source says "Do something creative everyday." There's a plan, and while I'm at it, why not "blog everyday." Nice, but unrealistic.

Then we have the vague goals that are difficult to either achieve or not: Sew more, draw more, create more. More than what? How much more? I do hope to do these things, but who's to say if I succeed or fail?

Finally, the resolutions that are real. Simple, straightforward, and attainable: Make new buttons each month, Sell on Etsy (this would go well with the first), and Use pencils more often than pens (and thus, keep sharpened pencils nearby). I can do this!

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  1. Awesome blog post, particularly the part about the new "Do something creative everyday." it's a new version of the typical song! I’m always interested in cultures and subcultures specially when music is part of the equation and this category phenomena sounds quite unusual!


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