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sew up the turkey...

Tired Turkey Embroidery

I really can't handle touching raw meat of any kind. It just freaks me out. So when Thanksgiving time rolls around and Martha Stewart shows you how to sew up the back end of a turkey before cooking, I pretty much have to turn away. Yes, I know I'm a little crazy.

But sewing up a Tired Turkey embroidery? That I can do! Tiffany suggested that I make the Harvesters into an embroidery pattern, and I figured that I would end up stitching at least a few of them myself, so...I went to town!

And I'll be busy with these for a while, because my mom saw the pattern and decided that I need to make Harvester napkins for Thanksgiving. And I really think they would make cute coasters, and maybe even hot pads. Plus I saw a very cute embroidered bookmark on Flickr, and I think that I'll need to make a Determined Acorn for me and a Fallen Leaf for my sister. I better go get stitching!.

1 comment:

  1. Martha Stewart sews up the back end of turkeys?!? I can't blame you for not watching that, it sounds hard to watch (and a little crazy to me! hee hee)

    Your turkey is adorable - he'll definitely make a super cute napkin :)


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