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ace of cupcakes

Apple Cinnamon Cupcake

Lately I've become addicted to the show Ace of Cakes. The cakes that Duff and crew make are, of course, amazing. But the interactions between everyone that works at Charm City Cakes is really my favorite. (Plus I think I may have a crush on Geoff...)

The thing is, watching all this cake making has made me want to bake and decorate more than I do. While considering ways to make this happen, I made these cupcakes. They are just regular yellow cake mix, which I added a bit of cinnamon into. Then once they were poured into the cupcake pan, or in this case, silicon liners on a sheet pan, I dropped slices of apple from a can of apple pie filling. Nothing fancy, but very yummm.

This was my first time using silicon liners (the silicon pans make me nervous, all floppy like), and I liked them. But bless my mom's heart for washing them. Not so easy, I'm told. Anyway, I will give them another try soon, because they worked well and came out easily. The final word will come after I've tried cleaning them myself.

As for more cake making, I'm still pondering...

1 comment:

  1. im afraid of using silicon.. just get the jolly wobbles when i use them!!!
    lol good old parchment paper in normal pans for me!!
    Hello from a fellow graphic design lover!
    was just blog hopping by and thought id say hello!


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