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stop needling me...

Wound-up Thread needle case

This is what I've been up to today. A bit of embroidery, and then, a needle case! I just sort of put it together in my head and then went for it. There are a few things that make it wonky, but it will serve its purpose. Plus I got to use some very old snaps that I discovered in a lovely old sewing basket that came from my aunt's house. I think I may need to show off some of the other goodies in there...

Wound-up Thread needle case

Wound-up Thread needle case

In unrelated news, tomorrow I will be without internet for a good part of the day. The good thing about this is that I should end up with faster service. The downside for me is that I am addicted to the internet. Wish me luck as I go without my fix tomorrow!

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  1. Love your blog Mollie so here's an award. Your embroidery is too cute!Check it out on my blog!
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