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soon to bee in the shop...

Beaming Bee embroidery

After a weekend of intermittent internet service (grrr), and a morning on the phone with the DSL folks (grrrr), plus a camera card reader that just wouldn't read the card (grrrrr), I finally got this picture of my Beaming Bee embroidery uploaded.

Typically, I don't do fill stitches, but I thought I might try it out for this little guy. I sort of have mixed feelings. The textures that it gives are nice, but it makes this area of the stitching very stiff. Plus the fabric I've been using stretches a bit, so there's some pucker around the edge of the bee. So, I don't know. What do you think?

Regardless of how this version of the bee came out, patterns for this, as well as the coordinating hive, honey jar and smoker and a few extras, will be added to the shop by tomorrow.

And...a huge thank you to Tiffany for nominating me for the Pimpstich blogroll! (Thanks to the talented ladies at Pimpstitch too!)


  1. No problem Mollie..just wanted to share the Wild Olive love.

    Can't wait to see new patterns appear in your shop...have been pressing refresh all day. :)

  2. Wait no longer! They are there!

  3. so cute. Wish I would have been in the contest too..Maybe next time. Your bee looks awesome!


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