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in the works...

the next new thing

The doodling has been excessive around here. When I have a lot to do on the computer, and especially when it's hot, I find that I want to spend my extra time off of the computer. So doodling up new ideas is a fun way to "work" without it feeling like work. Plus it helps that it can be done poolside.

The doodles above are now almost finished in their final form. The swan in the middle and the peas towards the back aren't part of the final group, but can you tell what all of these have in common and will be?

thinking christmas...

And then, Christmas is less than five months off, so I've been working on ideas for Christmas doodles and items to go with them. Kind of weird thinking cold and snow and Christmas in July and August, but I need to be ready.

Now, to get things going on the computer and more...

1 comment:

  1. I love the little swan and star. so very sweet.


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