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eliminate waste...or use it for your flowers...

Have you ever willingly invited bugs into your house? How about worms? I can't believe that I'm actually saying, er, typing this, but I'm looking into keeping a small bin of live worms in the kitchen.

What I'm talking about though, is indoor composting. It's quite an amazing thing, because just a few Red Wigglers will eat up scraps of food, certain kinds of paper, and more, then turn it into some of the most nutrient-rich compost that you could put on your plants. And they don't really bother you, because they are in the bottom of the bin, trying to keep away from the light.

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to see these Red Wigglers, as well as a different kind of outdoor compost barrel, and I'm really into it. I've even looked at taking a class where you build an indoor compost bin. The only thing that I'll have to get over is harvesting the compost...but hey, that's what gloves are for!

The funny thing about this is, I had been thinking it would be a good idea, but figured my mom wouldn't be up for having worms in the house. I later learned she thought it was a good idea that I wouldn't like! Go figure!


  1. You should totally let us know how it goes if you do it! We were at an outdoor summer festival called Swedish Days in Geneva, IL and they had a booth all about this!

  2. Small world! That's where I saw this!


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