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my mouthwash...

I love spotting good design in unexpected places. Like my bottle of generic mouthwash. It uses a combination of green, blue and orange that just works. So I made an Etsy Treasury to reflect that color combo.

Obviously my hygienist wasn't feeling the generic love though, because she told me that my mouth seems to have built up an immunity to it and that it is no longer working. Time to switch. So she suggested that I start using Crest Pro-Health. But, she said, make sure to use only the clear, not the blue mouthwash. Why? Because apparently the blue has been known to stain teeth. I'm thinking blue teeth...strange. But actually it can make your teeth turn brown. And get this, according to the Crest website, brown staining can be a sign that the mouthwash is working! Um...no thank you!


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