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making bread...

Two posts in one day? Can this be? Well, perhaps inspired by yesterday's celebration, or perhaps because it just needs to be done, I had planned on doing some yard work today. Planting some new shrubs. Transplanting old flowers. Getting the ground ready for more new growth. But the weather fought me on this. The cold and wind just wasn't the kind of conditions that one hopes for. And so my working in the yard kind of day became a baking bread sort of day...

Wheat French Bread

Heidi at My Paper Crane has been making all of their family's bread, which is such an amazing feat. But with a family of 8, it seems neither cost or time effective for us. However, I do want to make more bread and today was a start. Above are two loaves of wheat French bread, about ready to go in the oven. And below are some loaves of Anadama bread. I'd never made either of these, and in fact, haven't tasted the Anadama. But the French bread was excellent. A keeper.

Anadama Bread

And then, because I hadn't been in the kitchen enough, I made this apple oatmeal crumble to finish dinner off. Thankfully, we didn't finish the crumble off...entirely!

Apple Crumble


  1. Yum..everything looks so good!

    By the way, I like your little lantern stamp. :)

  2. Thanks! More is on the way...

    Two lantern stamps are nearly finished and I have sourdough starter, well, started...


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