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lucky, lucky...

Today, due to family travel "stuff", we celebrated my little brother's birthday nearly a week early. I've not felt a rush to make his gift, because it has felt so far off. Now, with only 6 days left, I'm thinking it's time to get cuttin' (and sewing, and stuffing!).

For Christmas one of my gifts was the book Softies, and I've been dying to making something from it. So a few weeks back I had Max take a look through it. It was interesting to see the things he liked and the things that he didn't even take notice of. One that he seemed to find cute (and that I thought would be a good choice too!) was "Lucky Dog." Here are some Flickr pics of others that folks have made here and here. Instead of the suggested terry cloth, I'm making him out of flannel, which hopefully will stay nice and soft for Max to snuggle with.

Now, here's hoping that it happens!


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