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happy Easter...

Dyed Eggs

Eggs, all pretty for Easter. Only a few managed to not crack with the kids dropping them into cups. But they had fun, and egg salad is more of a treat when it comes in multi-color!

The Lamb that was Slain

That lamb cake finally got iced. It's a pound cake made with a plain white cake mix and a few extras. The coconut frosting was a perfect topping. Sadly, only half a lamb is left...

A snowy Easter

An egg in the snow...which brings me to the serious part of the post. The snow brought to mind a song: "White as snow, white as snow. Though my sins were as scarlet. Lord I know, Lord I know that I'm clean and forgiven..." The Lamb of God was sent to die, and on the third day He rose. He offers us forgiveness and a chance to be made pure. And now, as on that egg carton, we can rejoice in this day that the Lord has made.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and I think I can say, Spring in on the way...


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