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Cookie Cutters for All Party Occasions

If you've visited the blog before, you may have seen some of cookies that I've made. I love making cut-out cookies for just about every holiday, especially if I can add faces to them. Actually, it wasn't that long ago that roll-out cookies, of any kind, were my enemy. I just couldn't roll them out and still have them look like anything. With that in the past, I now look for any occasion to bake some shaped sweets.

Which is why I was so happy when my mom discovered these gems, "Cookie Cutters for All Party Occasions." Some are normal holiday shapes, but others are obviously from days gone by. Because, nowadays, Washington's birthday doesn't call out for ax snacks. And yet, I'm drawn to them. But they'll need faces.

Mystery shape

And then there's this. I found it just before Christmas, and no one here could figure out what it's meant to be. We've looked at it from all directions, but we're just not sure. My best guess is a man in a bowler hat...unlikely though. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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