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on the perils of multitasking...

A friend of mine recently blogged about multitasking, and now it's been on my head. You think that it's a good idea to work on a bunch of things so that everything is moving forward. Sometimes you just can't avoid it. But I've always known that multitasking can lead to problems. Yesterday I nearly through my computer through the window, all because of my own multitasking. It went something like this:

  • Start working on new logo design. Process how this will look.
  • Dad (acting as client) asks about backdrop/panel design he needs. Begin searching for images.
  • Think about blogging about projects you're working on.
  • Realize that you need a new font for logo. Begin searching. Install font.
  • Discuss image and designs for backdrop.
  • Consider when dinner needs to be started.
  • Layout logo with many small adjustments. Realize that you should probably save.
  • Show folks what you've been working on. Resist urge to scream as Illustrator shuts down.

All this because of two things I should know by now: Don't get distracted by multitasking, and save early--save often. At least the second time of layout out that logo went faster...


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