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needing my dough...

My little brother used to play this cute Richard Scary computer game, in which the baker pig would say (in an adorable accent), "I'm a kneadin' my dough, I'm a kneadin' my dough, I'm a needin' to knead-a my dough." This has always been a favorite line of mine, and it came to mind yesterday as I was making bread.

When I was little I made bread with my grandma frequently, but this was my first time on my own. I checked out this book from my library, and found all kinds of great recipes, none of which seemed too overwhelming. It's a British book, so some terms and flours are different (anyone know where I can find malthouse flour in the U.S.?), but they have U.S. measurements.

I set out to make Olive and tomato tear and share bread. All things considered, it went quite well. The texture wasn't as fluffy as the picture, and it looked a little wonky. But my flour was a little different, so any imperfections will be blamed on that. But hey, it tasted good!

And speaking of needin' your dough, happy tax day!

Update: After more searching, I discovered that the aforementioned book had a small note on how to make malthouse (also called granary) flour. Mix two-thirds whole wheat with one-third bread flour, plus a small amount of malt powder. Sage and parmesan flutes coming up!


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