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Break a cake?

The last two weeks have been crazy! And I'm not quite done yet! I've been in the midst of helping out with a production of "1776" that my brother is in. A group of 26 8-14 year olds are starring in the show, with a talented staff directing, and getting everything together.

In the past two weeks I've helped create a yea/nay board to track votes, created a declaration of independence among other props, assisted in making a costume and fitting costumes, designed the playbill, and taken pictures to put into a video for the kids to keep. Tonight, er, this morning, I'm baking cakes for after the performances. And as it's quite later, er, early, I dropped one. Grr. So I'm now short one cake. Grr.

Dropped cake included, the whole experience of the show has been a lot of work, and a lot of fun. The first of two performances is tomorrow night. Good luck Anders and cast of "1776"! Break a leg! (But not another cake please!)

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