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Kirsten Ulve - everywhere?

When I was younger, Talking Electronic Mall Madness came out and I was quite jealous of my friend when she got it. My parents told me that I needed to wait until it went on sale. They told me this about everything, but they were always right. Everything goes on sale at some point. They were right about this too, and when it was a good price, I got my game. So now I'm 25, and they re-released Mall Madness. But this time it was illustrated by the amazing Kirsten Ulve. There was no waiting for a deal, I had to have it. Her art is so wonderful, and to have it on a favorite childhood game was perfect.

Then yesterday I was at Target and my sister pointed out the display over the girls clothing. Giant Kirsten Ulve illustrations. I was floored. There were these beautiful girls, each about 3 feet high. I got hopeful as I headed in their direction. Perhaps there would be girls t-shirts, or accessories to go with the display. Sadly, there was nothing. Why would they lead me on like that? But I started thinking. My neighbor works at Target, and I've gotten display pieces before. Hmm. I could have my own Kirsten Ulve jumbo illustrations. Now I just have to figure out what I could do with them. Any suggestions?

And if you haven't seen her work before, you simply must check her out: kirstenulve.com


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