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Are you ready?

Halloween is now hours away! (Okay, so really it's an hour away, but clocks will be set back...) Are you ready? Tonight has been filled with last minute preparations. My costume is ready. Family costumes are almost ready. We all painted small pumpkins, and the big pumpkins will be carved tomorrow. We've decided that one will have a Jack Skellington face. It should be one of the best we've ever done.

The last thing that we did tonight was to work on luminaries to place outside tomorrow night. Last month's Ready Made Magazine showed how to make them with some great ideas. My sister especially liked the one that said "I (heart) Zombies." My mom said that she didn't mind having them in front of the house, so we started making them. Let me just say, it is NOT EASY cutting those letters out of a lunch bag with an exacto knife! The magazine didn't point out that you would have to be crazy to actually make a bunch of these. With 3 of us working on them, we came out with 4 luminaries. Woo hoo!

Ahh well, it will be a good halloween anyway! Reason #18 that halloween is the happiest season of all: The joy of last minute costume sewing!


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