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Making crayons?

Am I nuts? Why would someone want to make crayons? That would be like making your own crackers (yes, my mom actually did that once...)! In all seriousness though, making crayons is very fun. When I graduated in the spring, a good friend of mine gave me the Crayola Crayon Maker. Excellent! I enjoy making crayons that are within a color family. Example: All different shades of purple. The colors don't mix to form a new color. Instead, they swirl around, so that as you color with them, you get the different shades. The one downside of the crayon maker is that you can only make three crayons at a time. I want to be making way more than that...so I just have to keep the machine going. But I love that I can customize my crayons. My next move: Wild Olive crayon labels!


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