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making things for mom

I promise that I planned ahead for Mother's Day. For a few weeks, I had this idea that I would make some tea towels. I thought about putting tea cups on them, but then I got another idea. The thing is, just because you think about and plan something, doesn't mean it comes together.

Eventually, however, I came up with a design, which is based on our kitchen wallpaper. My mom loves this wallpaper so much, even though it shows signs of wear. Here's the Wild Olive take on it:

I set this up, and placed it on a panel to be printed by Spoonflower on their linen-cotton canvas, which I've heard is nice for tea towels. But wouldn't you know, I waited too long on my plan. There is a nice long backlog of printing, so the 10 days I allowed for will actually be a few weeks, and my mom will have to wait for her gift. I really don't blame Spoonflower...if I had actually made a decision and acted on it earlier, this would be fine.

In a similar story, I feel ridiculous, but I still haven't figured out a Mother's Day craft for the preschoolers at church this Sunday. Seriously, what's wrong with me?


  1. That is really cool. I love the tea towel idea!

    You could have the kids make tissue paper roses (or any flower)with a pipe cleaner stem to give to their mothers. It's traditional for mothers to wear some sort of flower corsage on Mother's Day, so you could even glue a brooch back on the flowers and shorten the stems so the kids can make a little flower pin.

    Good luck!

  2. Everyone I've talked to has been ill-prepared for Mother's Day this year. I think it is because Easter was so late in April. Everyone was focused on that so Mother's Day came from out of the blue!

    I like the idea of paper flowers. Dana at MADE just had a tutorial on them using napkins and making them into boutonnieres which could just as easily be corsages. This could easily be linked to a religious reference as well since the Virgin Mary is often associated with roses.

  3. i agree with elisabeth--i work in retail & people were SHOCKED to learn that mother's day is already sunday...i also think crafty people need to plan their gifts WAAAAY ahead of the normal shop-at-the-stores people...it's hard...i feel like i'm never on top of the gift-giving game, but i feel like hand-made gifts are worth the extra wait :)

  4. OH MY LORD AND BUTTER do you know how cute a dress would be made from that fabric?!?!

  5. I was making my my a tea towel for Mother's Day too, but I waited to long to find the perfect pattern and it's not in a PDF form. Poor Mom won't get her gift for at least another week.


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