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calendar // november's hot pepper jelly

Not all jams and jellies are sweet. Some are savory or even spicy, which is why November's Jam of the Month is one of my favorites: Hot Pepper Jelly! If you haven't tasted this delight before, I hope that you go out and find some this month. It's so yummy!

Before we get to the calendar wallpapers, please allow me to tell you about how I came to love this spicy spread so much.

When I was little, my family used to go to a store nearby that sold dishes and epicurean treats. They often had samples around and they showed off their hot pepper jelly by pouring it over cream cheese and letting you try it on crackers. My dad LOVED it.

Because my dad loved it so much, a family member started making the hot pepper jelly for him and we would have it regularly. At some point, and I know this sounds crazy, my dad tried it on pizza. And it was an instant classic.

When you're a kid, you often look up to your parents and try the things they like and I now LOVE hot pepper jelly on pizza. So much so that I once made my own batch of this jelly. But that's a story for another day!

Now it's time for some calendars!

Have a spicy November, Jam Friends!


  1. I absolutely love jalapeño pepper jelly. A nd have definitely not tried it on pizza yet-but now -I must asap! I have been trying to guess along each month about which you will pick-I definitely did not see this coming-but I love it 🥰. Am getting very excited to finish-I have all rows possible put together, so it will be quick to finish once we get the last 2. I will be using mine as a casserole hot pad-I will just quit in a layer of insul-brite and it will be the perfect size!

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  4. Will there be mint jelly for December? :)


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