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calendar // august's peach jam

At this very moment, there is a bag of "Georgia Fuzzies" sitting on my kitchen counter. I'm not sure who decided to give fruit such adorable names, but I'm so glad they did. The Georgia Fuzzies peaches won't be turning into peach jam this time around, but that's okay because I already have kawaii cute jars drawn up for this month. Obviously, illustrations and patterns aren't as tasty as the real deal, but they are super sweet.

I'm really into the colors for this month's calendar, and I hope you enjoy them too. They're still screaming "summer", which is nice when back-to-school comes early for so many. At least we can hold onto some of the summer bits!

Now, whether you're heading back to school, sending kids off for first days of school, enjoying the last days of summer, or all those things, spread some peach jam fun on your favorite digital device!

Oh, and for a bit of extra fun that I made in the last month or so, and that you really shouldn't miss, check out these projects on other sites. I used some of my favorite colors of Benzie felt for these!

Seashell Embroidery and Applique Pattern

Summer Seashells Pattern for embroidery and applique at The Spruce Crafts.

Sloth Pencil Toppers

Pastel Sloth Pencil Toppers at Handmade Charlotte.

What are you planning to make in August?


  1. Those felt sloths for the pencils are adorable!




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