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travel the globe with a new wild olive stitching club

Where do you like to stitch? Around the house? Out in nature? While exploring your town? Or maybe as you travel the globe? No matter where you pick up a needle, if you like stitching cuteness, I'm pretty sure you're gonna enjoy the latest Wild Olive stitching clubs!

Traveling the Globe Stitching Club

With this club, we'll be stitching something from each of the seven continents. This really is a stitching trip around the world!

Bringing together two things I love, embroidery and English paper piecing, this 8-week club will result in a large mini quilt. Each week club members receive an email from me with that week's pattern and/or instructions, ways to connect with other club members, and a special section with prayer prompts for those who wish to pray for the world (it's at the end of the email and easy to skip if you'd rather).

Traveling the Globe Stitching Club
Traveling the Globe Stitching Club

Of course, this project starts with embroidery. This club features seven small embroidery patterns representing landmarks and a few natural features from each of the seven continents. Six of the locations are beautiful places I'd love to see someday (okay, so maybe not Antarctica...), as well as one that is near and dear to me.

Because of the locations we're stitching, the color palette for this club is much more neutral and natural, with a few fun pops of color.

Traveling the Globe Stitching Club

Each pattern fits on a 2-inch hexagon, and that's where the English paper piecing comes in. Along with the embroidered hexagons, you'll also make extra pieces and everything will fit together to make a mini quilt.

And because both embroidery and EPP are so portable, you can actually stitch while you're traveling the globe! (or just dreaming of your trip!)

Basic instructions for English paper piecing and quilt-making are included, though it's helpful to have some knowledge of embroidery. If you need assistance with this project along the way, I'm happy to help.

Plan to set aside a few hours a week for this, and you'll have a hand-embroidered, hand-pieced, and even hand-quilted mini quilt in eight weeks.

In addition to making something cute, you'll also have the opportunity to connect with other club members by sharing your progress and interacting with others using the tag #TravelingTheGlobeStitchingClub on social media.

Traveling the Globe Stitching Club

The price for the Traveling the Globe Stitching Club is just $8.00! When you register, you'll receive a welcome PDF with a supply list and templates to get you started, as well as access to all the club emails that were already sent out to members. Patterns and instructions will be emailed on Tuesdays starting through December 12.

Traveling the Globe Stitching Club: 8.00
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NOTE: If you are outside of the US or Canada, please visit my Etsy shop to sign up.

If you have any questions, please ask them here and I'll answer right in the comments. Or, feel free to email me (molliejohanson at gmail) or reach out via social media.

Let's stitch while traveling the globe!


  1. Do you have specific dimensions for the final quilt size, by chance?

  2. It's about 19x21, so a little large compared to many mini quilts, but still small compared to most quilts

  3. This looks like so much fun!! Love working with some slightly different EPP pieces too. Off to purchase some fresh floss this weekend and cut the EPP pieces. I think sometimes the "prepping" for a project is as much fun as the project itself!! Thanks for another oh-so fun adventure...

  4. Linda Banker9:06 PM

    I paid the $5.00 and PayPal said something about echeck and 3-5 days. Also I do remember sending you my e-mail. Help I am so new to this. Thanks

    1. Sometimes PayPal does that, depending on they are processing the payment. Don't worry about it though, because you'll receive the club info from me shortly.


I often reply to comments in the comments...check back if you have a question!