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calendar // trick-or-treating guinea pigs for october

I'd like to think that guinea pigs would go trick-or-treating for yummy veggie treats. In truth, I'm sure that my two piggies would be far too lazy for that. They would much rather wheek loudly until I bring them something. Which I suppose is their daily version of trick-or-treating!

Anyway, I drew up Captain Cuddles and Lieutenant Nibbles enjoying a Halloween treat for this month's calendar.

As I type this, it's October 5. I'm late with the calendar again. But I won't let myself give up on it just yet. Despite my falling behind on so many things. Perhaps if I were better at actually using a calendar, this wouldn't happen!

These wallpapers will fit most devices, and even though we're nearly a week into the month, they'll still work for the rest of slightly spooky October.

In other news, I have a new newsletter that is slowly replacing my old mailing list! You can sign up right here. Each issue comes out mid-month, so you'll want to be signed up to get the next issue (with an exclusive project!).

1 comment:

  1. I am really looking forward to Halloween. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons of they year and also my son's birthday.
    Very cute, I like it.


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