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around the house mini quilt

Around the House Mini Quilt

This week was the end of the Around the House Stitching Club. I love sending patterns out to so many folks and seeing each person's progress along the way. It's actually quite sad when it's over, but sharing my own finished quilt comes at the end, so that helps. Because I'm really happy with this mini quilt!

I remember someone telling me a few years back that I really needed to learn quilting because it's a perfect pairing with embroidery. She was so right. Especially with English paper piecing, because it's all hand stitching. And it's so nice when it's small because the slowness doesn't mean you won't finish for ages and ages.

Okay, so you could take ages and ages, and there's nothing wrong with that. But it's nice to have a thing you can make within eight weeks, right?

Around the House Mini Quilt
Around the House Mini Quilt

Choosing the designs for this was tricky, as every house is different. Thankfully, club members embraced that and a few decided to alter the patterns so they more closely matched their homes and the way they spend time in each room. Seriously, you need to go look through the photos on Instagram. My favorite laundry basket has a kitty in it, and more than a few folks added some crafty elements to their stitching.

Around the House Mini Quilt

And if you missed joining this club, don't fret. There are two things you can do.

The first is that you can still sign up! Just head to my Etsy shop where you can purchase the entire club as one PDF. It's also available right here on my blog.

The other thing you can do is get ready for the next club. I'll be sharing more information soon, but this time it will take you out of the house for another eight weeks of embroidery and EPP!


  1. Mollie - this club was SOOOO much fun!! I've completed all of the embroidery AND have finally put it all together however I'm going to hold off on the finishing just now. I'm going to see if I can incorporate the new few club pieces with this...can hardly wait to start the next club!! Thanks for all of the fun!!

  2. Love your creativity, Mollie, and the way you share your gifts with others! That quilt is SO cute :-)

  3. Can wait to start this project! I've got all the pieces I need to begin, except for low volume fabric! I'm in Minnesota, near the Twin Cities...where do you find your fabrics? I've not had any luck at Joann Fabrics with finding prints on white backgrounds. Any insight would be great. Thanks!

    1. Good low volume at JoAnn are few and far between. I've gotten most of mine at local quilt shops and occasionally online. Sometimes shops will offer bundles of low volume, but I usually just try to find a couple I like and add them in bits as I see things I like.


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