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flashback friday // button posts from days gone by

Button Buddies embroidery project

When you write a blog for long time, posts from the past can sink to the bottom and become hard to find, which is why it's nice to look at a few from the past. Since this month's old calendar made new is button-themed, I thought it might be fun to connect you with a few older button blog posts.

The hedgehog button embroidery above is from the same month as the original button calendar I made. It's part of a free downloadable PDF mini workshop that includes six animal patterns and instructions for use.

Button Ring

Do you have a pretty button that you want to use in a special way? How about turning it into a ring? That's what I did with this button I purchased at Liberty of London.


I have this thing for vintage craft supplies, and the packaging on these vintage buttons is pretty amazing. Since these belonged to a family member, it's also fun to think about what the buttons were intended for or the potential someone saw in them.

25 Crafts of Christmas // Buttons

If you're starting to think about Christmas (this is the best time!), you might want to make a few holly brooches with button berries!

yoyo pin

And one more pin project. This one looks a little winter/Christmas, but it works with any tiny embroidery pattern. This is kind of the ultimate, because you make your own button to start, then use that to make something new!

What are your favorite button projects?


  1. Wow, neat projects and none look like they would take a long time to make , THANK YOU for showing these again. just lovely!

  2. These button projects are adorable!! I have old packaged button too, and I don't want to use them because they are so unique!! I used to make my two girls these dresses with big square collars and I would put such cute buttons on them, so often the cute buttons don't button up very well so they were perfect on the collars :)

  3. Really cool ideas with buttons, I love them too and always like to make crafty things with them!


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